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Aveda Hair Color Discovery: Full Spectrum Deep™

A picture of a woman with a deep burgundy hair color

Level: 1 - Discover

Get your Time Back! Learn to lift and lighten quicker!

You’ll gain a new perspective on hair color and be inspired to use the entire range of Aveda Hair Color to create unlimited color possibilities—from blondes to brunettes and everything in-between. Process in as little as 30 minutes and master techniques to control warmth and tone!

Explore every colorful possibility! Using color to create beauty is what hair colorists do best. This creative process involves looking at every color component, tool, and technique available and determining how to best achieve the desired result.

Don’t stay in the shallows! Dive into the world of DEEP! Don’t miss out!

Aveda Hair Color Discovery – Systems or working knowledge of Aveda Hair Color formulation