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Color Craft

A picture of a woman with pink hair up in a bun

Level: 4 - Advanced

Pulp What?  Embrace the Extreme Side of Aveda Hair Color!

Create high definition hair color with colors so bright, vibrant, and intense that they require a master’s insight to get it just right. Learn insider tips for pushing tones past the limit, including tone selection and placements that ensure your bold color combinations are gorgeous, not gaudy.

Inspired by Ian Michael Black, Aveda Artistic Director – Hair Color, this course reveals his creative process for achieving kinetic color with all Aveda Hair Color categories, including the latest addition, Full Spectrum Vibrants™.

There has never been a better time to explore the possibilities, think big, and make every color bright and beautiful.

PurePro online learning for Hair Color (Color TheoryPermanent Part 1Part 2 & Part 3Demi+Enlightenment, Hair Color Solutions Quiz, Deep)
Systems, Solutions, and Deep preferred


Jami Ehling, Aveda Hair Color Mentor Purefessional