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In the Mix

A picture of a woman with red colored hair that fades into blonde

Level: 4 - Advanced

Blondes, Reds & Greys? Piece of cake!

Blondes, reds, and grey coverage are essential color services that are always on-trend. Are you ready to take your color formulation for these high-demand services to the next level? Jeffrey Scott will help open your eyes to new possibilities with Aveda color, grow your color business, and improve client retention by overcoming common challenges in these color families.

Don’t let stubborn greys get you down!

PurePro online learning for Hair Color
(Color TheoryPermanent Part 1Part 2 & Part 3Demi+Enlightenment, Hair Color Solutions Quiz, Deep)
Systems, Solutions, and Deep preferred


Jeffrey Scott, Certified Hair Color Magic Educator