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The 4th Dimension

A picture of a woman with long straight hair

Level: 3 - Elevate

The 4th Dimension will take you to a new galaxy of color.

This is a hands-on class focusing on dimensional color, refining your existing skills, and building upon them to go even further. Jeffrey Scott will take you to a new level in Progressive Color Shading (melting), Splices (bold ends, soft root), Ribbon Balayage/Flying Colors (bolder), and Shaded Balayage (softer).

This is a must for those wanting to take their dimensional color skills to another level.  Don’t be left behind!

PurePro online learning for Hair Color (Color TheoryPermanent Part 1Part 2 & Part 3Demi+Enlightenment, Hair Color Solutions Quiz, Deep)
Systems, Solutions, and Deep preferred


Jeffrey Scott, Certified Hair Color Magic Educator