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The Science and Art of Curly Hair – Look & Learn / Hands-On

A black and white picture of four women with curly hairstyles

Level: 3 - Elevate

Respect the Curl!

LOOK & LEARN: The class will start out with Theory and Anatomy, giving you an understanding of why curly hair is curly. The Demo will help you understand the “How”, “When”, and “Why” of cutting and styling curly hair.

HANDS-ON: Get your hands in it with this Freeform Curly Cutting class, creating a customized dry cut that allows the curls to naturally flow together while maintaining a balanced shape.

Life would be boring if everyone had straight hair.  There are a lot of waves out there, so master the curl!

Prerequisites for Look & Learn:

Prerequisites for Hands-On:
Have completed Look & Learn

Tuition for Look & Learn:

Tuition for Hands-On:

Pam Garcia, Texture Curl Master and Owner of Salon San Carlos