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Kathleen Turpel

Picture of Kathleen Turpel, hairstylist instructor

Kathleen Turpel

Owner and Creative Director of IM Marketing
IM Marketing

Kathleen Turpel is the owner of the award-winning Imaginal Marketing Group, an agency that specializes in the Fashion and Beauty industry. Among her clients are some of the top salons and spas in the country. Prior to Imaginal, she worked as a marketing executive for a Pulitzer Prize-winning, Fortune 500 media company and for Neill, one of Aveda’s distributors.

Kathleen has spoken at industry conferences including Serious Business, iSPA, and PBA. Her presentation style is fun and approachable, and she has the ability to make complex subjects easy to understand. You will walk away with a practical to-do list that complements the culture of your salon and will help grow your business.”