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Owner Webinar Recap August 10, 2020

Dear Aveda Florida Family,

Thank you for participating in our webinar today.

We recommend you listen to the webinar again while taking notes on a copy of the PowerPoint (click below to download).

Below are the major topics covered on our call:

Chain Reaction of Care

FordHarrison Aveda/TSP Salon Network 2020 Co-Op Opportunity

For a one-time fee of $200, Nancy Holt, HR Attorney with FordHarrison, will hold two 30-minute webinars each month through the end of the year exclusively for Aveda Florida salons to address all of your legal questions regarding COVID-19. The first call is scheduled for Monday, August 31 at 10am EST. We will provide the link to register as soon as it’s available.

The Future of Hair Repair

We are so excited to introduce you to Aveda’s newest hero – Botanical Repair! Click below to download the Botanical Repair part of today’s presentation so you can share with your teams to educate them on what this product is, how to use it, and how to execute this new product to book more services and drive more retail sales.

Botanical Repair Professional Product Overview

Get an in-depth review of the Botanical Repair professional line, including:

  • The revolutionary science behind Botanical Repair.
  • Competitive comparisons that share how Botanical Repair differentiates from what is currently being used.
  • Performance claims.
  • Application directions for professional treatments including stand-alone treatments and color treatments.

Botanical Repair Retail Line

Get an in-depth review of the Botanical Repair retail line, including:

  • The different types of hair damage Botanical Repair addresses.
  • The difference between Botancial Repair and Damage Remedy.
  • Home care maintenance using the shampoo & conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and strengthening masques.
  • A rotational therapy home-care plan using Nutriplenish and Botanical Repair, for guests who need both repair and hydration

Botanical Repair Launch Plan

We’ve partnered with Neill and IM Marketing to provide exclusive offerings to our network to drive sales and create buzz around the launch of Botanical Repair. These offers include green Botanical Repair Capes, ‘Stronger From the Inside Out’ lapel pins, retail bags, sampling station pop displays, Instagram props, and curated social assets.

Botanical Repair – Continue Your Education

On slide 48 of today's presentation, view a list of upcoming education opportunities for artists, guest care team members, and owners to participate in to continue learning all there is to know about Botanical Repair.

Aveda Florida Network Artist Call

Save the date for our Aveda Florida Network Artist Call on September 8th at 7pm EST. All Aveda Artists are invited to join as special guest Derek Piekarski, Aveda’s Technical Capabilities Manager, joins Sean Hatcher and Michael Cragnolin to give an in-depth review of retail and professional use of Botanical Repair and answer any questions.

Additional Updates

New Invati & BCRF Advanced

Two new add-on pre-pack offers are now available: Invati Shampoo light and deep, and BCRF Hand Relief featuring Cherry Almond aroma. These add-on offers are available beginning September 1st.

Programs We Promised

During our last call, we rolled out some amazing programs we put together for you. Click below to download more information on each of these programs, and register for the opportunities that are right for you and your teams.

Executive Orders Signed by the President

View slide 53 of today’s presentation for an overview of executive orders that were recently signed by President Trump.

August Pure Privilege and A-Commerce Calendar

Click below to download.

Note we will be holding our Aveda Florida Owner’s Webinars bi-weekly, every other Monday at 10am EST, 9am CT. Click below to register in advance.