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Owner Webinar Recap July 27, 2020

Hello Aveda Florida,

This week’s call was full of information. Please set up time to read through this entire recap, as it’s an overview of The Salon People Strategy and Support through COVID.

We appreciate you joining the call and recommend you listen to the webinar again while taking notes on a copy of the PowerPoint attached.

Below are the major topics covered on our call, broken down into three categories: Aveda Updates, TSP & Our COVID Strategy Outline, & Additional Updates.

Aveda Updates

Aveda Looking Into the Future: Last Monday, Aveda shared key messages during their FY21 Kickoff Webinar, including relevant consumer insights around who the Aveda guest is today and who they will be in the future, and how Aveda is committed to being the most relevant, inclusive, and natural hair care brand.

TSP & Our COVID Strategy Outline

We asked you to complete a survey to help us understand what information and resources we can deliver to you in order for your salon to not only survive, but to thrive through this Pandemic. The strategy we present today answers the needs you shared with us through this survey in the following categories.

1.)   COVID-19 Safety & Sanitation

  • Wearing a Mask: Below you can download a chart that emphasizes the importance of wearing a mask in keeping your guests and your team safe. Please post this chart throughout your salon and on your social channels to keep the conversation going.
  • Set the standard through sharing safety protocols: Watch this video that the Pyure team recently created that shares what guests can expect upon arrival, and how the Pyure team is protecting themselves and their guests. Continue to share how we are setting the standard in keeping guests and our team safe.

2.)   Profitability

  • Register for our Virtual Business Academy: We are launching another 12 week Virtual Business Academy, beginning September 8th where you will learn the tools that you need to drive profits to set you up for success. The Business Academy will take four key components around our New World Business Plans, including:
    • Drive profits
    • Revenue
    • Retain and gain team members
    • Retain and gain guests

*This program is complimentary to anyone who has attended our in-person or virtual Business Academy in the past. New registrants can call: 1.888.283.3235.

3.)   Sell More Retail

  • Ensuring You have Enough Product: We will work with you on ensuring you order the appropriate amount of product to sell in your salons.
  • Product Education: We will provide your teams with the features and benefits of the products and how to use them, and instill the confidence to speak to the guest about using it and taking it home.
  • Leveled Up Social Media: We will continue to celebrate and encourage our network to share tips, tricks and product highlights.
  • ACommerce: Aveda is introducing new guests to the brand through digital platforms, and introducing them to your salons.
  • Prepack Opportunities: We are offering more goodies into our prepacks to add value and equip you with the resources to promote these products to your guests.

4.)   More Guests

  • Social Media Marketing Bootcamp: We are working on putting together a Social Media ‘Bootcamp,’ where Amelia will be leading a series of live webinars talking you through actionable social media strategies specifically tailored for salons to grow your business. More details and registration information is coming soon so stay tuned!

5.)   Guest Care Support

  • Guest Care 3 Day Onboarding Bootcamp: Jessica will be launching a 3-day Guest Care Onboarding Bootcamp scheduled to begin in August. This will provide the support needed to get your guest care team members floor ready in 3 days. We will focus on speeding up on the fundamentals while providing scripts so they feel they can “fake it ‘til they make it.”

6.)   Education

  • Aveda Global Virtual Education: Aveda will continue to offer free virtual education. We will package the class offerings so you can easily share with your team, and select the classes best for their needs.
  • SDP Virtual Classes: The Aveda Florida SDP team has Virtual Education they can provide your team. They will be scheduling cluster classes based on the needs of their market in the following areas:
    • #MyAveda
    • Hair Care
    • Hair Styling
    • Skin Care
    • Makeup
    • 5C Consultation
  • In-Salon Education: We have worked with our Aveda Florida Network Educators, Purefessionals, and North American Artistic Team Educators to provide you with safe and inspirational in-salon education opportunities. Please download the below In-Salon Education Catalog for more information and how to book your in-salon education.
  • Aveda Florida Advanced Hair Color Certification: We have redesigned and elevated our Aveda Florida Advanced Hair Color Certification Program. This new and improved program is now a 1:1 personalized consultation, offering customized education plans for stylist's individual needs. Sean Hatcher, our Hair Color Manager, will be launching this program August 17th and will reach out to connect.
  • Aveda Florida Ambassador Program: We are separating our Ambassador Program into two groups: Stylist Ambassadors & Guest Care Ambassadors. This will allow us to speak to each group, specific to their roles and share relevant education and inspiration to set them up to execute at a luxury service level.

Additional Updates

Quality Assurance: We will not be able to accept any returns during COVID. However, you may fill out the Adverse Reaction Quality Assurance Form (click below to download). During COVID, products that your guest brings back due to an adverse reaction, should be returned to Aveda to be inspected. If you choose to do this, you will update the form, ship the product back to Neill who will then report the reaction, batch code, and details to Aveda to be considered for a refund.

Aveda Price Increase: Due to COVID, Aveda has postponed their annual increase to the end of August. Below is a copy of the letter communicating this delayed price increase. Aveda will directly send you the updated shelf talkers, price menu cards no later than August 28th, 2020.

Note we will be holding our Aveda Florida Owner’s Webinars bi-weekly, every other Monday at 10am EST, 9am CT. Click below to register in advance.